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Community Engagement, Education & Empowerment

Ada Park Advisory Council advocates for the park on behalf of Morgan Park

Ada Park
Our Commitment

Community First

Ada Park Advisory Council is committed to: 

  • Enhance the knowledge of children, adults, families, and community residents of Morgan Park.
  • Empower and Strengthen the community.
  • Build stability and restore nature in the community.


Ada Park Council's Core Values


As volunteers, we aim to create a safe place for everyone to expand their horizons.


Ada PAC advises the Chicago Park District on the needs of the community and make suggestions accordingly.


 The council is the voice of the community for Ada Park and facilities.


Ada PAC meets regularly to discuss the park and best to serve the community. The meetings are open to the public.


The recreational facilities were created in 1930 to serve Morgan Park neighborhoods.


Ada PAC will continue to offer events that enrich the community.

Latest Posts

Energetic Team Advocates for Ada Park and Their Community

If there is a community event at Ada (Sawyer Garrett) Park, a team of advocates will make it happen. Under the banner of love, peace, and unity, the Ada Park Advisory Council (PAC) is the group that hosts public events throughout the year at the 16.65-acre recreational facility in Chicago, Illinois. Crystal Warren, the PAC president, spoke at length about the PAC’s board members’ passion for Ada Park, its history, and plans for its future.

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